When it comes to baby safety, there are quite a few rules you probably know well: Put baby to sleep on his back, no bumpers or loose bedding in the crib, store poisonous items out of reach, never leave baby unattended on an elevated surface. The list goes on and on. Even though you do all of those things (and more), you may still be making mistakes that put your baby at risk. Right these wrongs to keep your baby safe.Your baby sleeps in his car seat or swing Continue reading BABIES SAFETY

Do Children Always See Angels?

Many Beliefnet members have sent questions about children and angels.​
 I have compiled the ones I am commonly asked and I have outlined them here with my answers.1. Can children really see angels?

Yes, the evidence is overwhelming. Here is an account from a person I know. (The names have been changed as requested.) The only explanation for this amazing, true story is that an angel did give a message to a child. Continue reading Do Children Always See Angels?

5 Ways To Make Your Relationship More Important Than Money

“ People are made to be loved and things are made to be used . The confusion in this world is that people are used and things are loved.” – dejiroonyWhen couples struggle financially, we also see an increase in domestic arguments, breakups, and chaos. It’s difficult to show love toward your partner if you are worried about paying your cell phone bill, car payment and house rent . Research in this area is finding that materialistic people have unhappier marriages than couples who don’t care much about possessions. Continue reading 5 Ways To Make Your Relationship More Important Than Money

Is money and materials, of more importance than Love?

1000s of year back when people used to live freely in forest then life was pretty straightforward. They could eat whatever they wanted and stayed wherever they wanted. There was no concept of money then. So, if you had few people with you who loved you and you loved them too then you would have been the happiest person.As time changed this is not possible in current days, right? Continue reading Is money and materials, of more importance than Love?